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PCTFE Workshop 2023 in Hawaii

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
December 3–5, 2023


This workshop  is designed to discuss about how the thermo-fluid sciences and technologies should look like in next couple of decades up to 2050 and what we will tackle as the experts in the community. The experts are invited to provide their talk about their advancements and challenges. We will have five sets of sessions that include technical talks (5) followed by a panel discussion each. These will be the essential elements of technologies necessitated today and tomorrow. For example, strategical method of thermal design, energy efficient and inexpensive heat recovery, system optimization of significantly large amount of thermal parameters, technology that allows super vertical/lateral integration of electronics, removal of an ultra-high heat flux, intelligent thermal materials, and etc. will be the part of the desired technologies.


Topics (Keywords)

1. Electronics

Power electronics, Electronic equipment, Thermal simulation, Thermal measurements, Thermal impedance, Cauer Thermal Network, High heat flux, High temperature

2. Fluidics, Thermodynamics

Liquid film, Short-wave instability, Loop heat pipe, Boiling in porous media, Thermal energy harvesting, Thermodynamics, Non-equilibrium electron gas, Analogous modeling

3. Machine learning (ML), design methods

Quantification of human activities, vectorization, Sparse identification, Data assimilation, Problem co-creating, Technology circulation model

4. Multiphase, convection

Low-filling heat pipe, 2D Rib, Oscillatory flow, PIV, Chevron fin, boiling heat transfer, SiC inverter cooling, Long life coolant, immersion cooling, critical heat flux, porous material

5. Single-phase, heat conduction

Lotus-type heat sink, Corrugated porous Fin, Breathing phenomenon, Random network structure, Alternative cooling, Elastocaloric effect, conduction with fan cooling, anisotropic materials



In discussion of our future, two (2) talks from key technological aspects are scheduled in the first session of Day 2 and Day 3. They may be in touch with the innovations, evolutions, and challenges in the field by a view from the four-dimensional (spatial plus time) scope. Panel discussions immediately following the sessions may include exchanging the thoughts extended from these keynote presentations. 


Dr. Yogendra Joshi

Program Manager of MTO, DARPA
and John M. McKenney and Warren D. Shiver Distinguished Chair
in Building Mechanical Systems and Professor,
Georgia Institute of Technology


Title: Emerging thermal management challenges
in three-dimensional heterogeneous integration


Dr. Koji Miyazaki

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Kyusyu University

Title: Multiscale Thermal Engineering

Dr. Shigenao Maruyama
Professor emeritus at Tohoku University
and principal of
Hachinohe National College ofTechnology Tohoku University

Title: Nano-scale Radiative Transfer
        to Solve Large and Mega Scale Environmental Issues


Location: HIBISCUS Suite (Kalia Tower), Hilton Villag


Day1     14:30-14:50         Opening (20min)

              14:50-15:50         Special Invite: Prof. Shigenao Maruyama (60min)

              15:50-17:05         TS1: Electronics (75min)

              17:05-17:50         Panel 1 (45min)

              19:00-20:30         Networking (to be announced at Opening)


Day2     8:00-9:00             Keynote: Dr. Yogendra Joshi (60min)

              9:00-9:15             Break

              9:15-10:55           TS2: Fluidics, Thermodynamics (100min)

              10:55-11:40         Panel 2 (45min)

              11:40-13:20         Lunch on your own

              13:20-14:10         TS3: Machine Learning, Design methods (50min)

              14:10-15:20         Panel 3 (70min)

              15:20-15:35         Break

              15:35-17:20         Lighting Talk & Discussion - students

              18:00-19:30         Dinner at Rainbow Room (1-2), Hilton Rainbow Tower


Day3     8:00-9:00             Keynote: Prof. Koji Miyazaki (60min)

              9:00-9:15             Break

              9:15-10:55           TS4: Multiphase, Convection (100min)

              10:55-11:40         Panel 4 (45min)

              11:40-13:20         Lunch on your own

              13:20-15:00         TS5: Single phase, Conduction (100min)

              15:00-15:45         Panel 5 (45min)

              15:45-16:00         Closing


(alphabetical order by last name)

Talk 20 minutes & Q&A 5 minutes

TS1: Electronics [Takashi Fukue]        
       Tomoyuki Hatakeyama (Toyama Prefectural University)
       Katsuhiro Koizumi (Nabtesco Co.)
        Koji Nishi (Ashikaga University)

TS2: Fluidics, Thermodynamics [Tomoyuki Hatakeyama]        
       Misa Ishimura (Yokohama National Univ)
       Hosei Nagano (Nagoya University)
       Junnosuke Okajima (Tohoku Univ)
       Kazuaki Yazawa (Purdue University)

TS3: Machine Learning, Design methods [Koji Nishi]        

       Kentaro Sano (Hitachi Ltd.)
       Wataru Sato (Hitachi Ltd.)

TS4: Multiphase, Convection [Kazuhisa Yuki]        
       Koji Fumoto (Aoyama Gakuin University)
       Kenichi Kobayashi (Meiji University)
       Hitoshi Yoshimura (Denso Co.)
       Kohei Yuki (Sanyo-Onoda City University)

TS5: Single-phase, Conduction [Wataru Sato]        
       Takashi Fukue (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
       Atsuki Komiya (Tohoku University)
       Kazuya Tatsumi (Kyoto University)
       Kazuhisa Yuki (Sanyo-Onoda City University)


One-page abstract in any format is required to submit by October 30, 2023 for peer review. The abstracts can be either in A4 or Letter size and extended by including figures and/or pictures in one-page if needed.

Abstract template on the Microsoft WORD document is available from here.

Techncal sessions
Lightning talk

Lightning talk and discussion

Lightning talk and discussion presenters

This special session intends to provide an opportunity for all students or any attendants to present their own work (regardless to the topic) with 5 minutes each followed by a 10-minute discussion on that topic including Q&A.


One-page abstract in any format is required to submit by October 30, 2023 for peer review. The abstracts can be either in A4 or Letter size and extended by including figures and/or pictures in one-page if needed.

Abstract template on the Microsoft WORD document is available from here.

(alphabetical order by last name)
Talk 5 minutes & discuss 10 minutes

   - Matsuura Katsuki (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
  - Taka Keiichiro (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
  - Yasue Maho (Nagoya University)
  - Kimura Natsumi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
  - Takata Ryotaro (Nagoya University)
  - Tsutsumiuchi Shunsuke (Aoyama Gakuin University)
  - Teramoto Yuhri (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)

For your preparation of talk

Technical Sessions                                      (20min talk + 5min Q&A)

Lightning talk and discussion (Students)  (5min talk + 10min discussion)


Please bring your own PC.

Wifi connection: There will be no public or private Wifi connection at the meeting room. Please make the connection by yourselves if needed or make yours ready for stand-alone presentation.

Preparation of talk


Abstracts shall be provided for all talks except Keynotes. All presentation title and author information will be archived in the PCTFE homepage made available to public and the peer reviewed one-page abstracts are archived with an attendee-only closed access.


Registration (Deadline : Nov. 20th, 2023)

<Registration Fee>
Only registered persons (participants) can attend the Workshop. Please proceed with your registration by clicking the button below.

Registration Fee (Regular) ¥80,000-
Registration Fee (Student) ¥75,000-
Accompanying Person(Welcome Reception & Dinner) ¥25,000-

  *Student registration fee is applied to Doctor, Master and Bachelor students.
  *The registration fee includes Welcome Reception & Dinner.
  *Hotel accommodation, travel fees are not included the registration fee.

Cancellation / Refun
d Policy
Cancellations made before October 1, 2023 will receive a full refund excluding administrative fees.


VISA to traveling to the venue

Please prepare appropriate VISA or ESTA by yourself prior to entering the United States of America.



Please send email to kyazawa_at_purdue_dot_edu if you have any questions.

Location to meet

Location to meet

Meeting at the HIBISCUS SUITE room (Kalia Tower), Hilton Village
Networking with light food and drinks (Day1): to be announced at Opening
Dinner (Day 2): Rainbow 1-2 room (Rainbow Tower), Hilton Village


Program Committee

Chair – Prof. Kazuaki Yazawa (Purdue University)​

Co-chair – Prof. Tomoyuki Hatakeyama (Toyama Prefectural University) ​

Secretary in chief – Dr. Katsuhiro Koizumi (Nabtesco Corporation)​

Director of Communication: Prof. Takashi Fukue (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)​

Technical organizers:

              Prof. Kazuhisa Yuki (Sanyo-Onoda City University)

              Prof. Koji Nishi (Ashikaga University)

              Dr. Wataru Sato (Hitachi Ltd.)

Program committee
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